Janine Manatis

About Labyrinths


There is a universal confusion between what is a labyrinth and what is a maze.


A Maze is a place designed to get you Confused and Lost.

A Labyrinth is a place designed to get you Clear and Found.

All our lives are labyrinths.  Every step along the way yields knoweldge and widsom, and is leading you to that centre, the centre that you are.  It's a tool for consciousness, to awaken awareness.  To walk this labyrinth, you need to be present.  And in being present, conscious, aware, and being where you are in the moment, whatever is there for you is going to be available to you.   It is an act of self-discovery, of revelation. It promotes growth, it promotes change - if you are available.  It is an opening to the Self.

The Labyrinth is for Everyone.  It is a journey.  It is different for each person. There are no rules! 


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