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   "Janine Manatis has had a distinguished career doing it all...  Her innovative methods are filled with insight and challenge.  They focus and expand creative energy, open the door to skill development and offer opportunity for genuine self-disovery. Did I mention they are also full of wit and humour?"                                                                                                                                         Toronto Star/ Lifestyle




"Total Recall, Top Gun, currently: Terminator IV: Salvation"


"Janine Manatis is and has been my teacher/acting coach for over 25 years. Her mentoring throughout my career, whether I was acting, writing or directing, has been an invaluable tool that quite frankly I don't believe I could have done without. I've lived in Los Angeles since 1982. When I first moved there I attended or monitored over a dozen of the notable acting classes and found them all wanting. So over the years, when Janine has graciously found time, I've set up a number of actor/director/writer weekend work shops in Los Angeles so that friends and colleagues of mine could have the good fortune of attending and receiving instruction from Janine

She has never received anything less than rave reviews from anyone and everyone I've introduced her to.  The only fault I can find with Janine Manatis is that she insists on living in Toronto and I unfortunately live in Los Angeles! 

Her abilities and methods of teaching are world class. The absolute best I've ever experienced or witnessed. To have this gifted person close at hand and available is a good fortune that I truly envy you for having." 

                                                           -  Michael Ironside  


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Entertainment Author/Columnist, "Starring Brian Linehan", Toronto Sun, CBC 

George Anthony, former entertainment editor and columnist for the Toronto Sun, wrote this about Janine in one of his papers when she was working as the first TV Film Critic on CBC Television in the 50s: 

"I'm partial to breathtaking blondes like CBC critic Janine Manatis, over 21, who could come out of a wind tunnel disheveled and without makeup and still be hopelessly gorgeous.  Janine is a no-fuss lady and an expert at male gamesmanship; she laughs when she wins and flashes that enigmatic smile when she loses."

And of Janine's site, he wrote:

"Like Janine, her Labyrinth is stimulating, provocative, fascinating fun. Enjoy! ... and, hopefully, learn. And grow."

- George Anthony, Author of "Starring Brian Linehan: A Life Behind the Scenes"


Exclusive excerpt from new book about iconic Canadian Television host Brian Linehan in the Toronto Sun - Sunday, Sept.23, 2007.  Taken from George Anthony's book, "Starring Brian Linehan: a Life Behind the Scenes", quoting Brian's friend and colleage, acting coach Janine Manatis:

"'I would never have thought that Brian would be a TV personality,' Linehan's friend and former acting teacher Janine Manatis says.  'Absolutely not...What overcame that, in my opinion, was the brilliance of his ability, which was to me absolutely unique. How he investigated, found out, looked into, and came up with information. Information. Not gossip. Gossip is the conversation of cowards.  What Brian came up with was not gossip!'   When asked if Brian wanted to be an actor, 'No', says Manatis flatly. Half a century has passed, but her voice remains clear, uncluttered and effortlessly authortative."  



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