Peering Cat
I'm staying right here...


It's the morning of February 17, '08. Freezing rain is coming down on top of  mounds of snow. Suddenly, I see 3 different sparrows come dipping into my bird feeder -  a Xmas gift - that hangs  at the front of the veranda.They make several visits and then they're gone. A delightful surprise! And, I like to think, a sign of things to come.


It's an over-the-top hot July morning in the Beach area of TO. But a breeze is floating across my veranda - and, therefore, me as I sit watching/listening. Early runners go by; nannies with their charges hurry by on their way to the park's wading pool; a man fully suited with briefcase sails by; kids at the top of their voices going whereever; bikes, cars, trucks; then blessed quiet. The birds are talking (I think they're thirsty).  But then comes the thrill of the unusual, the unexpected, the unique: a black squirrel crosses my steps, flashing a large, fluffy,fire-orange tail... I hold my breath, silently requesting that he/she stay awhile.  But no, life calls, and soon gone, never to be seen again.
                                                        *                         *                          *
Several weeks after my red-tailed squirrel sighting - a first for me -  the following took place:  I picked up a novel in a used book store,"The Great Escape" entitled LABYRINTH, "an action-packed adventure of modern conspiracy and medieval passion."  I read on page 41 a scene set in 13th Century France where the heroine, Alais sits watching, "High in the spreading branches of the pines, red-coated squirrels cracking the cones' shells apart...."