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"I've lived most of my life in the land of hustle. Geographically, that's NY, LA, and TO. Specifically, it's in the eye of the entertainment storm. I started out in the “hotbed” of acting at the prestigious Actors' Studio. Anyone who denies that title is unaware of theatrical history, for history it was and is. I am more than proud to have been an integral part of it in its heyday, where Laurence Olivier sat among us, a few rows from Marilyn Monroe, and a few rows back from them were the other “somebodies”, and finally, us “nobodies”!  I progressed from the twice weekly acting sessions with Lee Strasberg to being one of a handful of women in the Directors' Unit headed by Elia Kazan. I was ultimately invited by Edward Albee to succeed him as Moderator of the Playwrights’ Unit, where I had the privilege of bringing actors’ exercises to the writers there, one of whom was my mentor, the late great James Baldwin. Hard work was never so much fun!"
"Later, I was invited to “spread the Word” in Canada. I wrote theatre/film reviews for the Toronto Star and became the first film critic on Canadian television (CBC). There is a long list of “firsts”, but at the top was the opportunity for me to create and conduct “The Ensemble Workshop” (under the auspices of the National Film Board) for writers, actors, directors, and producers based on the principles of the Actors’ Studio. Since then, I’ve extended my teaching to include everybody from teachers, to lawyers, to business executives - and even one stockbroker (who happened to be a woman!)  Out of all that exploration, I decided to write a book and share my discoveries. The title says it all: Actors’ Exercises for Everybody. 
"Alongside the grants, nominations and awards, I'm also proud of always having been a devout activist: for civil rights, women’s rights, animal rights; and against the Vietnam war, the first Gulf war and the Iraqi war. Growing up in the South, I learned a profound statement:
 'Someday, there will be a war, and no one will come.'

An American in Canada,

Janine Manatis

P.S. I almost forgot one of my proudest achievements: Being a Hockey mom! 

Janine Manatis is an award-winning actor,  writer and teacher who trained and moderated at the famous Actors' Studio in New York;  she is an internationally recognized Film Critic who penned for the The Toronto Star and became the first woman to Host CBC's "Saturday Night at the Movies".   Most importantly, she is a dedicated Acting coach and maverick Film/TV  consultant,  inspiring not only actors, writers, directors, and producers, but people from all walks of life including lawyers, accountants, therapists, dancers, stay at home moms - in a word, "Everyone".   After many years practicing her craft and unique approach to creativity, she has been reminded again and again: it really is for anyone and "Everyone" seeking a better, more authentic way of life. 

See "A Brief History of Work" for highlights of her key accomplishments and some of the great people she has had the pleasure of working with over the years.


   "Janine Manatis has had a distinguished career doing it all...  Her innovative methods are filled with insight and challenge.  They focus and expand creative energy, open the door to skill development and offer opportunity for genuine self-disovery. Did I mention they are also full of wit and humour?"                                                                                                                                         Toronto Star/ Lifestyle



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