"TODAY'S WIN"

    >>The Story of "Today's Win"

Choose One thing you could call a "Today's Win" every day, and you will feel differently...

Some days you may feel there was no win, this went wrong and that went wrong, and I feel like a failure and depressed, boy oh boy, this was a day without a win!  Just like these teachers, you just look around a little bit more and say well, if there was a win what would it be?  Even close to a win?  You could have a loo
k at that, and ask yourself, well why didn’t I think of that one as  a win, why did I dismiss that, disregard that or not give it value, meaning not give myself value?   Why did I say nah, it’s not good enough?   You  look and the next thing you know if you look more charitably, what comes close to a win you will see that that day did have a win in it! And when you accept that win, you let it benefit you.  

When you shift your consciousness and your awareness to that place where there can be a "Today's Win", it starts to change your life!

Read "Today's Win" stories below, then enter your own "today's win" in the space provided.


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November 2, 2007  - Heather's Win

When asked what she was grateful for, Krista's daughter, Heather took awhile to respond (she was very grumpy at the moment!), but when she did, she gave three things:
1. "You" (pointing to mommy)
2. "This orange balloon" (deflated from a long gone birthday party), and
3. And regarding her big brother who had done something to offend her: "The pile of leaves" he raked and how "he let me in jump first". 
See, that wasn't so hard!   

                Kyle's Poem

                   Thank You God
                 for bears and mice.
                Thank you God
                for Jesus Christ.
                Thank you for
                 mars and earth.
                Thank you for 
                my Gradma's birth.
                I am now thanking you
                for all the Things that you do

Feb 20/08 -  It is sunny and the bird sings above my house. I am happy to be here, spinning my thread.  
                          -  Krista

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