Janine Manatis

The Ensemble Workshop: 1974-1976


Based on her experience at the Actors' Studio in NY, Janine created the first Ensemble Workshop to include actors, writers and directors, in Canada, at the request of...   The program, which auditioned and paid for each participant, ran for 2 years, under the auspices of the National Film Board, headed by Beryl Fox (Filmmaker, "The Mills of the Gods: Vietnam").

Out of this experience, a feature film was made, directed by Janine, called "I, Maureen."  It was the FIRST film directed by a woman to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival, and went on to Cannes.  It was nominated for 3 Genie Awards.

Some of the Participants:

Brian Freeman - Producer, CBC

Delroy Lindo - Actor, ...

Keith Leckie -  "The Averil Arrow"....

Paul Shapiro - Director, "Smallville" etc....

Michael Ironside - Actor, "Total Recall", currently "Terminator Salvation"

Murray Battle - (more to come...)

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