in the Labyrinth:
A collection of interesting and important people, projects, places and things that Janine has encountered along the Way...   She likes to call them"Found Objects":  Sometimes you find them; and sometimes, like that precious pebble on the beach, they find  You

Michael Ventura, an outstanding writer whose work can be read on the net (www.austinchronicle.com), had the privilege of being part of a group talking with the great mystic-guide, sooth-sayer and way-shower Carlos Castaneda. It was near the recent end of his days here, and it happened in of all places Los Angeles where he lived. A small man, not well, he had been quietly talking, with humor and a gentleness until asked how was it possible to truly discipline one’s self. With the power and force one expected from a master, he responded with: “Command yourself.” He made clear a command is not “trying” or even a promise. It is a call to action. Something that must be obeyed. “Sorcerers under- stand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations”.

"Letters @ 3am" - Michael Ventura

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