Janine's "Fresh Takes"

New ways of looking at yourself and the world.

Gossip:   The conversation of cowards.** (Newsflash Here!)

   Where we find ourself: folded in among the opposites.

Creativity:   Freedom within boundaries.(No boundaries no freedom,; no freedom, no creativity.)

Difference between Labeling and Naming:  
Labeling is defining from the outside (General/Impersonal/All Purpose).  
Naming is defining from the inside(Individual/Personal/Specific).

Differences between Truth & Facts:  
Sometimes the truth and the facts are the same;
Sometimes the facts have nothing to do with the truth;
Sometimes the truth has nothing to do with the facts.
Stop/Look/Listen.  Knowing the difference is all the difference.

Good Acting:    Being > Authentic.    See "Naked in Public" below.

Bad Acting:
    Pretending > False .

"Pretend Real" Acting:
   Based entirely on an "Idea", with no roots in any Reality.

"Naked In Public":
   Physically/Mentally/Emotionally Honest Presence (Nothing Hidden).

Everything except the words.

"Loose Change":
   Running off at the Mouth!

"Coming To Your Senses":     The 8-Step Paradigm

"Celestial Whoope" :     Mystical Experience

Cool, so what else can I see?

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