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Our love of actors and acting has to do with possibility.  Out of the hope and the dream that we can have immortality.  We can.  Everyday.  It is the heart, mind and spirit of this book.

The actor is the universal metaphor for our basic urge to express ourselves.  This book of actors’ exercises is written in the hope of promoting that quest.  As a means of continual self-discovery these daily practices teach us to know, understand and use the meaning of our lives more fully.  They set us free to ACT, to make wonderful original use of our discoveries.

Actors have always fascinated us because we believe that they are just like us… only more so.  All the exercises we will explore throughout this series are multi-layered, multi-purpose and multi-results.  Creativity requires work and dedication, but if the knowledge is there that you cannot fail, that you always win, then the risk is worth it.

Creative Space

There is a creative space between yourself and a new expression of yourself.  It comes into being as you give yourself permission to reach out emotionally, physically, ultimately mentally and spiritually into unknown territory with a new way of being.  The shift of emphasis from fear to excitement opens the way to revelation and as a consequence enlarged self-realization.

The most challenging and rewarding creative experiences are found in discovering the art of being yourself.  One way is to inhabit who we are physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically.

Allow the sensory self to take over.  Release the mind’s need to know the answers.  Listen to the body’s messages.  Go past anxiety to curiosity.  Let the spirit free fall into the wonder of an unpredictable moment after moment.

Sensory work lays a foundation.  A good place to begin.   It includes the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch as well as the sixth, instinct/intuition.  The cultivation of our sensory awareness is primary and teaches us how to live within the reality of our Authentic Self.

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