Janine Manatis

The Story of Today's Win

Back a fews years in LA, Callista, Janine's granddaughter, was taken by her father every Wednesday afternoon to an art class.  On one particular Wednesday, Janine was so delighted by what the teachers introduced to the children...

I was so impressed when the teacher asked each child in the class what everybody’s win was for the day.  The
kids were excited when they showed their piece of work and said what their win was.  Sometimes I was so surprised because it wasn’t a big thing, it wasn’t what you and I might think of as a win.  In Callista's case, it was that particular colour of blue she used.   They complimented each person genuinely, your trees are getting better and better, your trees...  it was not not about the other kids.  The teacher would always bring the person who was a little hard on themselves back to a win.  Some were thrilled to pieces with what they’d done!  But there were others who were asked and they didn’t think they had one, that could be very disappointing, everyone else has a win but me, but the teachers had a real gift for genuinely helping them find something good.  I saw with those kids that when they said this is a win and that was a win and they heard each others and saw the other person’s, there was this lovely energy that was there because it is uplifiting to have a win for the day. 

We take a rest from proving and pleasing, from rewarding or punishing, from judging.  All questions are answered in the doing, all problems are solved in the doing.  We meet in the right now, in a space where we are free to be our own true self.  

Or, as I would say, today I exercised restraint, I kept my bloody mouth shut!  I kept my sense of humour!

Choose One thing you could call "Today's Win" every day, and you will feel differently...

Some days you may feel there was no win, this went wrong and that went wrong, and I feel like a failure and depressed, boy oh boy, this was a day without a win!  Just like these teachers, you just look around a little bit more and say well, if there was a win what would it be?  Even close to a win?  You could have a loo
k at that, and ask yourself, well why didn’t I think of that one as  a win, why did I dismiss that, disregard that or not give it value, meaning not give myself value?   Why did I say nah, it’s not good enough?   You  look and the next thing you know if you look more charitably, what comes close to a win you will see that that day did have a win in it! And when you accept that win, you let it benefit you.  

Another example of today’s win:  Krista's son Kyle made a kite and it crashed.  He remade the kite, it was the best dragon kite, and it flew and it still crashed.  And he still saw it as a win.   Like Edison’s lightbulb.  He learned many ways to improve it, and never gave up.   That process is how to see something differently.   It’s not a negation or denial of what happened, it’s saying in addition to all of that, there is a win.  

When you shift your consciousness and your awareness to that place where there can be a "Today's Win", it starts to change your life!


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