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"Ensemble, The Method, and All That Jazz" - recently published article by Janine Manatis, with Anna Migliarisi,  Acadia University, from the book "Directing and Authorship", Legas Publishing, 2005.

NEW! Coming Soon:  New Article/Interview being published in the book, "Stanislavsky and Directing" (cover page and exerpts coming...) 

"Silence in Teaching & Learning" - A Conversation with Janine Manatis & Anna Migliarisi, also for publication.

"Conversation at Midnight"(at the Actors' Studio) - by Janine Manatis, reflections on the first production ever performed for the pubic at the Actors' Studio, which Janine adapted and directed based on Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Conversation at Midnight".  History Making!

"Actors' Exercises for Everybody"© - by Janine Manatis with creative collaborator Krista Moore; A Work In Progress, to be published, with a web-based preview available to the public (see THE BOOK Page).
"View from the Labyrinth" and "Incident" - accepted by Yale University Press, at the recommendation of her mentor, the late great James Baldwin ("Giovanni's Room" and "The Fire Next Time").

There is an abundance of columns and material that Janine has been published over the years, as Janine was a Journalist/Critic, including film reviews for Kirkus Reviews in New York, numerous newspapers and magazines in the U.S. and Canada, including but not limited to:  The Toronto Star (column), Saturday Night (column), Chatelaine, MacLean's, The Globe & Mail.   If we are very industrious we will find them!
Here is one article written about Janine for the Toronto Star, and another blurb written by Toronto Sun/CBC writer/journalist and entertainment expert, George Anthony, who also interviewed her for his new book "Starring Brian Linehan" (to the right).


Exclusive excerpt from new book about iconic Canadian Television host Brian Linehan in the Toronto Sun - Sunday, Sept.23, 2007.  Taken from George Anthony's book, "Starring Brian Linehan: a Life Behind the Scenes", quoting Brian's friend and colleage, acting coach Janine Manatis:

"'I would never have thought that Brian would be a TV personality,' Linehan's friend and former acting teacher Janine Manatis says.  'Absolutely not...What overcame that, in my opinion, was the brilliance of his ability, which was to me absolutely unique. How he investigated, found out, looked into, and came up with information. Information. Not gossip. Gossip is the conversation of cowards.  What Brian came up with was not gossip!'   When asked if Brian wanted to be an actor, 'No', says Manatis flatly. Half a century has passed, but her voice remains clear, uncluttered and effortlessly authortative."  

A celebration of the launch of George Anthony's new book, "Starring Brian Linehan: A Life Behind the Scenes", featuring George Anthony and Joan Rivers took place on Friday, October 12, 2007 at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.   

At this serendipitous book signing event, Janine met up with Joan Rivers and said, "I have a surprise for you..." She told Joan how Ethan, Janine's son, coaches Joan's grandson, Cooper hockey in LA.  "WHAT?!" Joan roared and "NO!".   "Yes!" Janine laughed, "You came all this way just to find that out!"  Incidentally, Janine interviewed Joan Rivers back in the day when she was a TV Host/Critic.   


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