"Actors' Exercises for Everybody!" by Janine Manatis with creative collaborator Krista Moore.c 2011.
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 This Book is an invitation to a creative process. To a shift in perception. It invites you to think differently, act differently, respond differently. It uncovers a pathway to wisdom, creativity and authenticity. And it awakens spiritual knowing, vitality and empowerment.  These principles and practices really are for Everybody because they are a means of continual, ever changing self-discovery. They enable us to use our lives more fully by setting us free to ACT and make wonderful, original use of our discoveries, leading us more and more to our Authentic Self.  And when we are authentic, we not only change our Self, we change the World...


"If indeed 'all the world's a stage', and we are each here to 'play our part', shouldn't we learn to play it to the best of our ability?"
 - Janine Manatis

BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN LIFEr training, for everybody, how to be more confident, alive, aware, conscious, yourself
Ground-breaking New Book
From working among some of the "Greats" at the The Actors Studio NY  (like Tenessee Williams, Gage Kazan, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, James Baldwin"Looking Back"to teaching Actors/Writers/Directors worldwide (like Kevin Costner, Bruce Dern, Sandy Dennis, Delroy Lindo & more), Janine Manatis has developed her own “method” of  training people, incorporating knowledge from the Arts, Sciences, Psychology, Metaphysics, Body/Mind/Spirit and Sensory work, which finally evolved into her original "8-Step Paradigm".  At the request of many who wanted to participate in her workshops in LA, NY,Toronto, Montreal, Paris and even Israel, she began to extend these exercises to: Lawyers, Health-Care Practitioners, Yoga Instructors, Therapists, Business Executives, Sales Personnel, Artists - and even a Tiger, Bear and a "Kissing Whale"!*  After years of working with a variety of clients, she learned "the work" really is for anybody seeking a better way of life. Inspired to offer this work to “Everybody”, she decided to write a book - a “how-to” book that’s not a “how-to” book. 
The title says it all…

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"Actors' Exercises for Everybody!"
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 Q. "What do actorsexercises/AEFElogotrans.gif have to do with Me?"

 A. Everything!


  •  Produces security and confidence
  •  Reduces stress and anxiety
  •  Sets firm but flexible goals
  •  Multiplies choices
  •  Instigates Belief
  •  Promotes originality 
  •  Encourages true creativity
  •  Transforms problems into solutions
  •  Lays a foundation 
  •  Unlocks energy
  •  Inspires the imagination
  •  Teaches a new approach to Body/Mind/Spirit
  •  Fosters a Spirit of Collaboration and Cooperation  
  •  Leads to your Authentic Self 
  •  Allows you to feel more present, powerful and alive
  •  And much More...!
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"A wonderful book for all..."
                                                                       Sadhana Cook, Australia

Toronto Star Quote
 Janine/janine_new.jpg  Janine Manatis is an award-winning actress, director, writer, internationally recognized "Star Coach"/consultant, and the proud mother of her son, Ethan Rill, a hockey coach in LA and TO.  She is the author and creator of actorsexercises/AEFElogotrans.gif. Evolving from her "history-making" time at the Actors Studio NY (see more in BIO), this book is now offered as a means for anybody to discover a more conscious, effective way of being in the world.  For more about Janine, go hers coaches book author  Toronto Star quote Janine Manatis has had a nguishd career doing it all..LIfestyle
actorsexercises/KRISTAMOORE.jpg  Krista Moore is a actress, writer and speaker, who is passionate about inspiring others to take brave new steps. After climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years, she left it all to pursue her dream of acting. Since then, she has starred in over 25 national commercials, TV movies and films, with the support of her husband, director, Steve Woods, and their two kids, Heather and Kyle. Having trained with Janine extensively, Krista became the creative collaborator for this project, actorsexercises/AEFElogotrans.gif, which she believes will help empower others to become MORE. For more about Krista, go to: Moore actress, writer, , speaker, Evolutionary Woman, coach, beloved, dynamic, film, tv, toronto, evolutionary woman, speaker, coach, collaborator, women, groups, toronto



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Beryl Fox, Can. Filmmaker/Producer (NFB), "Mills of the Gods" (Feature Film)
"A great book for everyone." 
Gail Siegel, "Hairdresser to the Stars", LA



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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
(free translation)
- Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Sage

"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet". 

(What he actually said.)

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