Actor as Metaphor
         Our love of actors has to do with our love of possibility. The hope and the dream we can have immortality. We can. Everyday. That is the heart, mind and spirit of this book. 
         Actors have always fascinated us because we believe they are just like us... only more so.  The actor is the universal metaphor for our basic urge to be free, to fully express ourselves.  This book is offered in the hope of promoting that quest.  As a means of continual self-discovery these daily practices teach us to know, understand and use the meaning of our lives more fully. They set us free to ACT, to make wonderful, original use of our discoveries.









 "I consider that the greatest mission of the motion picture is first to make people happy, to bring more joy and cheer and wholesome goodwill in this world of ours. And God knows we need it."
           Thomas A. Edison, Inventor