Beryl Fox, Canadian Filmmaker/Producer
"Congratulations on putting this idea into motion. The concept of acting skills helping people to become more authentic is a sound one, and worthwhile. The format is lively and colourful." 
Jo Ann Stevenson, Director, The Labyrinth Network, Toronto

 "Wonderful and Beautiful!"  
                 Dr. Richard Miller, Psychotherapist

"How do I get a copy of your book? I would love to get one!"
                                               Bonnie Morrice, R.N.

"I love what you've done here!  I've learned many things, spiced and marinated what I've learned from great mentors and visionaries like Janine. "        
               Brad Milne, Director, San Antonio Film Academy, Actor/Filmmaker

"A great book for everyone. The opportunity to access your great experience and knowledge is truly a gift to the world." 
             Gail Siegel, "Hairdresser to the Stars", LA

  "This is awesome. Wow, you have had a superb career and awards. Thanks for sharing this with me."
                                                    Karim Visram, Executive Director, Royal Bank Canada
"Loving what I'm seeing! ...Everything I've accomplished is based mostly on what Janine Manatis taught me."
                                                              Dan Howard, Producer/Filmmaker, Vancouver, Canada

"I will definitely peruse your co-genius creation."
                                                      Linda LaClaire, Writer, Vancouver, Canada
"Thank you so much for sharing your book with me. It reminds me of being mindful, and just being in the moment."             Stacey Coke, Model/Actress, Toronto

"This is brilliant and beautiful. May it bless everyone it touches and touch everyone in need of its blessing."

            Jocelyn Rasmussen,  Founder & CEO, More Than Singing


                         "A wonderful book for all..."
                                                                        Sadhana Cook, Australia