riff   "Being prepared means never having to say you're sorry."  


riff   "Practice makes perfect"... It also makes Purpose.


riff  "You can say anything, so long as you say it the right way."


riff  "Never answer the question before you ask it."


riff  "Originality: Be who you are where you are."


riff   Q: "How're you doing."

         A: "My best."

riff "To hurry up, slow down." Buddhist precept


riff "There are no accidents (coincidences), only appointments." Buddhist precept


riff  "I just plunked one foot in front of t'other, mentally munching nothingness." Sebastian Snow, English Traveler & Writer


riff  "Don't you know who I think I am?"  (Michael Ironside humour)


riff    "In the beginning was the Word"... and the word was "Flickers". Not movies, films, pictures, or cinema. The screen "flickers".  It's now a hip word: as in "I hear it's a good flick" or "let's go see that (fill in the blank) flick.” Not spoken/written by critics; not in ads. But somehow has re-emerged from the original source into the colloquial. Delicious! Take it up!

riff   Gandhi was once asked: "What do you think of  Western Civilization?" He replied, "I think it would be a good idea."