Paradox:   Where we find ourself: folded in among opposites.


Creativity:   Freedom within boundaries. (No boundaries no freedom,; no freedom, no creativity!)


Difference between Labeling and Naming:  

Labeling is defining from the outside (General/Impersonal/All Purpose).  

Naming is defining from the inside (Individual/Personal/Specific).


"When you name it, you can own it. And when you own it, you can use it."


Difference between Truth & Facts:  

Sometimes the truth and the facts are the same

Sometimes the facts have nothing to do with the truth

Sometimes the truth has nothing to do with the facts


"Knowing the difference is all the difference."


 Difference between RIFFs and RANTS:   

"A RIFF is music. A RANT is noise." Remember the expression "rant and rave?!"

"A RIFF opens you up. A RANT shuts you down."


 Bad Acting:    Pretending, False, Fake, Dishonest. Unreal.


"Pretend Real" Acting:   "Acting an Idea", based on imitation, with no roots in reality.   


"Naked In Public":   Mentally/Emotionally/Psychically Honest, Present. Open, Vulnerable, Nothing Hidden.


"Behavior":   Everything other than the words.


"Loose Change":   Scattered Thoughts. Running off at the Mouth!


Gossip:   The conversation of cowards.  


"Celestial Whoopee" :     Mystical Experience


"Break-Out Moment":     Breakthrough, Revelation