Sense & Sense-Ability


          Everything in the sensory exercises that comprise the Creative Process has roots in scientifically provable data.  Smells affect our hormones, touch is a biological necessity, seventy percent of the body's sense receptors are focused through the eyes, sound is energy that can lift objects ("acoustical levitation"), and taste is the final arbiter. 
          All of these in various, highly individual combinations go to make up what we call the sixth sense or intuition.  Intuition in turn is the arrow that zeros in on our instincts. The "brain mind" then becomes the final "Decider" or "Chooser".
Physical Flex-Ability
Emotional Ris-Ability    = RESPONSE-ABILITY
Psychological St-Ability
Mental A-gility
Spiritual Access-Ability


"It is the moon filled window
Watching the mountains with my ears
Hearing the stream with open eyes."
              Shutaku, Zen Master









"Condition where one sensory response triggers another sensory response." My way of saying it:
Cross-Over Sensory Response (This knowledge exists in every realm.) Consider this:
  "The sound of your voice is sweet like the taste of dark wine."
 Egyptian Hieroglyph 1300 B.C.