Some of the “Many” I have coached/mentored through the years...

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CURRENT ACTION: Introducing Scott Cook (“Sea-Wolf”), Mark Harmon (“NCIS”), Currie Graham (“Raising the Bar”),  Luke Askew (“Big Love”), Tom Cavanagh (“Trust Me”), Robert Seeliger (Roman Polanski’s, “The Ghost”), Kris Holden-Ried (“MVP”, “The Tudors”), Lisa Ray (“Water”, “All Hat”), Robert Carradine (“Fancypants”)  Krista Moore (“Victor”), Tracey Shreve (“Doc”), Marilo Nunez (Alameda Theatre Co), Jeff Jensen (“Chronic Town” Sundance) (more)

   OVER THE YEARS:  Kevin Costner, Louis Gossette Jr. (Oscar Winner), Bruce Dern, Delroy Lindo (“Malcolm X”), Diana Scarwid (Oscar Winner), Doug McGrath (“Goin’ Down the Road”), Nastassja Kinski (“Hotel New Hampshire”), John Dunsworth (“Trailer Park Boys”), Denise Virieux (“Katts & Dog” Paris/TO, 4 years), Martha Gibson (“Black Christmas”), Peter Solala (“Jeff Ltd.”), Alex Ross, Izumi Barry (more)

GEMINI-NOMINATED HOSTS:   Jossette Normandeau (“Deadly Arts”), Elli Tescher (“In-laws Outlaws”, Star Columnist), Gail Voz-Oxlade (“Til Debt Do Us Part”), Helen Buttigieg (“Neat”), David Rocco (“La Dolce Vita”, “La Ventura”) 

 MARTIAL ARTISTS/ STUNT STARS:   Shelley Cook (“Saw VI”), Tommy Chang (“Max Payne”), “The Twin Tigers

AWARD WINNING WRITERS/DIRECTORS:    John Requa & Glen Ficarra (“I Love You, Phillip Morris”starring Jim Carrey), Harvey Crossland (“Life with Derek”), Don McBrearty (“Regenesis), Keith Leckie (“The Averill Arrow”) & Paul Shapiro (“Pushing Daisies”), Sandy Kybartas (“Home for Blind Women” CFC Genie)