A Brief Publishing History of "Actors' Exercises for Everybody!"
       This is a short-short history of  "ACTORS' EXERCISES FOR EVERYBODY". It spans time from the mid-'90s to the present. Its purpose is to name and honor those whose "creative collaboration" with me on the book are forever a part of it.
It began with my student, the late, lovely actress, Guylaine St. Onge. She worked tirelessly at her computer to help make "365 Actors' Exercises For Everybody" (the book's original title) into my "calendar concept". While that version had to be let-go, I continued to explore and experiment, inventing, not only new exercises, but new terminology that lay the foundation and development of the work.
When I returned to the writing, it went to book format with the title,"ACTORS'EXERCISES FOR EVERYBODY" Making Belief. The late producer, Annette Cohen, who also studied with me, believed it was "the leading edge."  Although not yet completed, she took it to a top Canadian publisher. In the meeting, she - quite daringly -  put the entire staff through some "sensory" exercises". Needless to say, their first such experience! Apparently, it was a blast. And, they actually "got it." However, it was declined "for fear there wasn't a large enough audience." Not long after Julia Cameron's book of exercises, The Artist's Way, came out, Annette, in her best bold fashion confronted the publisher here for "their appalling lack of foresight". Again, the writing was put aside.
However, I continued to grow and develop the principles, practices, procedures with actors, directors, writers and more and more and more "everybodies." Time was over-due for me to learn to use a computer to be able to work with still another actress- student, Marilo Nunez (now producer of the highly regarded Alameda Theatre Co. in Toronto) and computer whiz, Kelly Dynak.  He created an outstanding web page for me as well as a first web version of the book as it was then.
Woven throughout this time, business entrepreneur, Ron Moore (Sonor Group) was so keen about the book as it was then that he and his company (Maraposa) designed with me a TV series, hosted by me, based on the contents of the book. No, it didn't happen - another time for that - but, let it be said, it was a life-shifting experience. 
Then along came actress, Krista Moore to study with me, eventually taking her destiny's step by joining the previous "creative collaborators" to re-design the form and content of "ACTORS' EXERCISES FOR EVERYBODY." Most important, ultimately, she had the wit and the will to convince me that the next appropriate step was to publish this SHOWCASE here on the web. And so, as the saying goes, the rest is history.
Janine Manatis