There’s more to directing than familiarity with the latest technology.
There’s more to scriptwriting than having Final Draft on your computer.
There’s more to acting than knowing your lines and hitting your mark.
And there’s definitely more than the endless analyzing of ideas.
It’s in the Ensemble work that the ineffable, the magic & mystery take place.


       Before we can be part of an Ensemble, we have to be part of who we are*. The gift of ensemble work is first, to teach us who we are  and then how to join that reality with others. 


     What defines Ensemble work is that within the "one way" are an infinite variety of ways that allow the individual to shine & blend. It explores and illuminates experience, offering fresh & original insight. It is not dependency. It is honest, give & take with unique & exhilarating inter-connectedness. It's core is generosity.

See "Ensemble, The Method & All That Jazz" article/interview

 * See "Fresh Takes", Naming

     riff "You can say anything, so long as you say it the right way." 










"Unity is a product of Ensemble."

Janine Manatis