"Today's Win"


      I had been going to my granddaughter Callista's art classes in LA called "Mission Renaissance" run by two young people, Monica and Nick. They were phenomenal teachers with marvellous gifts and they had their concept of "Today's Win". Each child hauled up their picture, a tree, a house, whatever it was. On this particular day, a very shy little boy, 4 or 5 years old, said "See that 'little blue dot'?" And I remember the teacher said, "Oh really! why is that today's win?" And he said "Because I wanted to put it there." 


         Ha! That said everything, didn't it? He didn't say, "Oh because that will make the picture look better", all that 'head stuff'. No, he spoke from his True Self. The dot was so small if someone hadn't pointed it out to you you might not have seen it or thought it was a mistake. But to him, it was "Today's Win". 



At the end of every day, make a note of your "Today's Win"

Nobody can tell you what your Today's Win is because it is yours, that piece of you, your identity, your faith and belief in yourself.  And don't be misled into thinking it has to be some mighty accomplishment. It can be as little as that 'little blue dot'! 


And if you have one every day, that's a lot of wins!


 "Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the soul is the piano with many strings."
  Kandinsky, concerning the spiritual in art