"Sensory Walks"

Be present in the moment authentically


        Sensory walks are transformative. They reveal the unplanned, the unexpected. They ground us, revitalize us, focus our total attention. The senses are our core source: our life force. Not our ideas, wishes, projections.
They are the IS of what is.
Walking sensorily shifts us out of our heads and into the moment, fully present to "experience the experience." 
They also reduce stress!!!



              Take a walk on the wild side. (If you're not too iffy). 

    Just pick one thing to focus on - smell, sight, sound, taste, or jump right in with all of them!  You could find a blade of grass, not just how it looks, but you could take a bite out of it, or ask how does it smell, how does it feel? Or even sound, and you'll decide what that is! You might rub it with your fingers, or feel the wind on it. You're open to letting it express itself the way you find it. And the next time you might find it differently, because it's a different blade grass. Or a different shade of green. What is the season? There's an infinite variety in all the senses that can be experienced on a sensory walk.  You just don't walk down the street not present. Because when you're authentically present, you are saying how does this sound to me? How does this smell to me?

Remember:  It's not about liking everything; it's about experiencing everything...  your way

 There is no age when "sensory walks" do not illuminate our lives. They provide - always - something unsought: a discovery  waiting to emerge. That's why the assertion "we never forget anything" is true. We may "forget" it mentally, but it lives on in us sensorily,  eternally available for whatever use we need to put it to.

      I started taking my granddaughter, Callista walking when she was very young. It was then I created the exercise: "Sensory Walks". Next door to where my son Ethan lived in LA there was a field where a house had been torn down.  Among the bricks and weeds, wild passion flowers grew orange and so gorgeous...

      "Is it okay to touch everything?" she asked me right off.

     "Absolutely.  Touch, Taste, See, Smell, Hear! All the barks of all the trees; all the sticks & stones; all kinds of ground & grass & leaves & plants & flowers.  Surprise yourself! Surprise after surprise!"  Each moment a revelation; an entertainment.

    "What about the dog poo??" (Nobody picks up the dog poo in LA, which tells you something about LA!)

     "Well, that's up to you. But you'll have to deal with it."  (From what I recall, she decided not to.)

    "Can we do it again tomorrow?"

    "Absolutely! But remember, tomorrow will be different."


Every day is a new day. It's whatever You discover! 


"It is solved by walking."  

Saint Augustine